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S. Cimino, L. Lisi, G. Russo

Improving S tolerance of Rh catalysts during the partial oxidation of CH4 by partial substitution with Pt

P.A. Kumar, D. Tanwar Manju, N. Russo, D. Fino, R. Pirone

Synthesis and catalytic properties of CeO2 and Co/CeO2 nanofibers for diesel soot combustion

S. Bensaid, N. Russo, D. Fino

After-treatment of household wood-fired stove emissions: from catalyst formulation to full-scale system

S. Cimino, C. Allouis, R. Pagliara, G. Russo

Role of catalytic stage in a low NOx hybrid gas burner

G. Landi, L. Lisi, R. Pirone, G. Russo, V. Stanzione, M. Tortorelli

Adsorption and interaction of nitrogen oxides with Cu-ZSM-5

S. Cimino, G. Russo

Hybrid catalytic burner for domestic appliances

P.S. Barbato, G. Landi, G. Russo

Kinetics of high pressure catalytic combustion of CH4, H2 and CO

P.S. Barbato, A. Di Benedetto, V. Di Sarli, G. Landi, G. Russo

Methane combustion in a catalytic monolith at elevated pressures

A. Di Benedetto, V. Di Sarli, G. Russo

Study of modeling issues for simulation of gas turbine combustors with catalytic pilot

K. Bizon, G. Continillo

Optimal model reduction of a pseudo-homogeneous plug-flow reactor

F. Cozzi, A. Coghe

Air staging in a swirled natural gas burner with radial injection

A. Di Nardo, G. Calchetti, C. Mongiello

Design and simulation of a trapped-vortex combustion chamber for gas turbine fed by syngas

A. Ingenito, D. Cecere, E. Giacomazzi

Supersonic combustion regime: numerical and theoretical study

D. Giassi, S. De Iuliis, S. Maffi, F. Cozzi, F. Capelli

Efficiency and stability of a meso-scale combustor at 3 atm

V. Moccia, J. D’Alessio

Laminar burning properties of lean CH4-H2-air mixtures at high pressure

G. Sorrentino, R. Ragucci, A. Cavaliere

Experimental characterization of interface properties in the framework of MultiSECtioning strategy: preliminary results

C. Saggese, G. Genova, R. Grana, A. Frassoldati, T. Faravelli, E. Ranzi

A kinetic modeling study of mixtures of methyl-esters with alcohol fuels

S.R. Shabanian, M. Derudi, M. Rahimi, A. Frassoldati, A. Cuoci, T. Faravelli

Experimental and numerical analysis of syngas mild combustion

A. Chinnici, M. de Joannon, P. Sabia, A. Picarelli, R. Ragucci

CO2-driven oscillations in methane mild combustion

M. Commodo, C.P.T. Groth, Ö.L. Gülder

Experimental investigation of aviation fuel thermal oxidative stability

M. Malavasi, A. Bassignano

Innovative fundamentals trigger combustion conditions providing soot and particulate reduction in fumes

M. Sirignano, A. D’Anna

Discrete multi-sectional approach for particles modeling in ethylene/air coflowing diffusion flames

A. Cuoci, A. Frassoldati, T. Faravelli, E. Ranzi

OpenSMOKE: numerical modeling of reacting systems with detailed kinetic mechanisms