Session VIII: Biomass and solid fuel combustion Home  

G. Aprea, A. Cammarota, R. Chirone, R. Solimene, P. Salatino

Assessment of “Gulf Stream” circulation in a pilot scale bubbling fluidized bed combustor

R. Carbone, R. Solimene, F. Montagnaro, M. Troiano, P. Salatino

Physical modelling of entrained-flow slagging coal gasifiers

K. Bizon, G. Continillo

Dynamic model of single-reactor chemical looping combustion

P. Giudicianni, A. Cavaliere, A. Ciajolo, R. Ragucci, N. Sferragatta

The domestic dryer: Organic waste processing and stabilization

P. Giudicianni, R. Ragucci, A. Cavaliere

Slow steam pyrolysis of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Interactions between components in surrogate mixtures

M. Simone, C. Nicolella, L. Tognotti

Pilot scale gasification: development of a simulation tool to aid the experimental activities

B. Apicella, M. Alfè, V. Gargiulo, A. Ciajolo, M.A. Millan

Fractionation and analysis of coal- and petroleum-derived samples

E.M. Grieco, G. Baldi, D. Fissore

Pyrolysis of mixtures of pe/wood and pe/paper: Effects of the interactions on the production of tar, gas and char

C. Allouis, M. Gallo, R. Nigro, R. Pagliara

Combustion of poultry derived wastes for smart energy recovery

F. Miccio, S. Russo

A study on the devolatilization of fuel pellets in fluidized bed

M. Cerea, M. Derudi, R. Rota

Preliminary study on mild combustion characteristics of a liquid biofuel