Session VII: Stationary and engine combustion Home  

H. Wang, L. Araneo, A. Coghe

An experimental study of jets in crossflow confined in a narrow square duct

M. Recalcati, F. Cozzi, A. Coghe

Measurement of entrainment rate in the initial region of swirling jets

T. Lucchini, L. Cornolti, G. Montenegro, G. D’Errico

Development of advanced models for combustion simulations in IC engines

F. Cozzi, S. De Iuliis, F. Capelli, A. Coghe

Performances of a mesocombustor at 0.3 MPa with preheated air

C. Galletti, L. Tognotti, A. Frassoldati, A. Cuoci

CFD simulation of the oxy-NG experiments in a 3 MW furnace

S. Lombardi, K. Bizon, G. Continillo, F.S. Marra

Optimal design of the heater of a Stirling engine coupled with a Fluidized Bed Combustor

V. Moccia, J. D’Alessio

On the morphological analysis of CH4-H2-air flame instability

L. Acampora, F.S. Marra, E. Martelli

Non-linear response to periodic forcing of methane-air in continuous stirred tank reactors