Session VI: Pollutant formation and control and material synthesis Home  

G. Landi, L. Lisi, R. Pirone, G. Russo, M. Tortorelli

Preliminary studies for the development of a periodic storage-decomposition process for NOx abatement

M. Sirignano, A. D’Anna

Combining MultiSectional (MUSE) method and Conditional Moment Closure (CMC) for soot modelling in turbulent flames

G. De Falco, A. Morgan, M. Commodo, P. Minutolo, A. D’Anna

Flame synthesis of MgO nanoparticles in a FASP reactor

M. Alfè, V. Gargiulo, R. Di Capua, A. Ciajolo

Graphene-like films from carbon black: A facile and convenient route

G. De Falco, M. Commodo, P. Minutolo, A. D’Anna

Scanning spreading resistance microscopy for electrical characterization of flame generated particles
F. Stanzione, C. Russo, A. Ciajolo, A. Tregrossi Extraction method for improving the characterization of high molecular weight components of carbonaceous species

M. Commodo, L.A. Sgro, A. D’Anna, P. Minutolo

Particle inception study in fuel rich laminar premixed flames by photoionization measurements

S. Bensaid, R. Pirone, N. Russo, D. Fino

Soot combustion improvement in diesel particulate filters catalyzed with ceria nanofibers

G. Cozzolino, M. de Joannon, P. Sabia, R. Ragucci, A. Cavaliere

Experimental study of condensational growth activation for carbonaceous particles removal from flue gases

I. Annunziata, M. Sirignano, A. D’Anna

The effect of carbon dioxide addition on the formation of soot in non-premixed ethylene flames

M. Tommasini, G. Zerbi

Quantum chemical investigation of the IR spectra of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

F. Raganati, P. Ammendola, R. Chirone

CO2 adsorption on fine powders in a sound-assisted fluidized bed

A. Coppola, F. Montagnaro, P. Salatino, F. Scala

Limestone attrition during fluidized bed calcium looping cycles for CO2 capture: The effect of SO2

G. Caiazzo, G. Langella, F. Miccio, F. Scala

Seawater SO2 scrubbing in a spray tower for marine application

P. Salatino, O. Senneca, L. Cortese

Preliminary assessment of a carbon looping combustion process (CarboLoop)

C. Russo, F. Stanzione, A. Ciajolo, A. Tregrossi

Molecular structure of soot precursors as inferred by UV-VIS spectral analysis