Session II: Diagnostics Home  
S. Montenegro, B. Stelzner, R. Pirone, D. Fino, D. Trimis Experimental determination of heat release in an inverse diffusion flame using laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy
K. Bizon, G. Continillo, S. Lombardi, B.M. Vaglieco Analysis of the independent components from images of transient reactive flows

S. De Iuliis, D. Giassi, S. Maffi, F. Cozzi, R. Dondè

Chemiluminescence measurements in a meso-scale combustor fueled with CH4/air at 0.3 MPa

S. Di Iorio, E. Mancaruso, B.M. Vaglieco

Particle size distribution in a transparent CR diesel engine fuelled with RME and GTL by means of multiwavelength spectroscopy