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D. Cecere, E. Giacomazzi, F.R. Picchia, N. Arcidiacono, F. Donato An Immersed Volume Method for complex geometries treatment in compressible reactive fluids
G. Troiani, F. Battista, F. Picano, C.M. Casciola Front evolution and flame stretch in a turbulent premixed Bunsen flame
F. Battista, F. Picano, G. Troiani, C.M. Casciola Direct numerical simulation of CO – H2 premixed turbulent flame

P.P. Ciottoli, M. Bernardini, S. Pirozzoli, M. Valorani

A Conditional Moment Closure formulation for Large Eddy Simulation of compressible non-premixed turbulent reactive flows
G. Sorrentino, D. Scarpa, A. Cavaliere Characteristic times of unsteady autoigniting layerlet
M. Valorani, S. Paolucci, E. Martelli Dynamical system analysis of ignition phenomena

F. Donato, G. Rossi, B. Favini, E. Giacomazzi, D. Cecere, F.R. Picchia, N. Arcidiacono

LES simulation of a devolatilization experiment on the IPFR facility