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T. Maffei, O. Senneca, E. Ranzi, P. Salatino

Pyrolysis, annealing and char combustion/oxy-combustion for CFD codes

M. Simone, F. Barontini, C. Nicolella, L. Tognotti

Biomass gasification at CRIBE: overview of the experimental activities

P. Ammendola, R. Chirone, G. Ruoppolo, F. Scala

Attrition of wood pellets and chips during FB combustion and gasification

G. Ruoppolo, A. Cante, R. Chirone, E. Marinò, F. Miccio, M. Urciuolo

Combustion in fluidized bed of a Mediterranean biomass

S. De Iuliis, M. Urciuolo, A. Cammarota, S. Maffi, R. Chirone, G. Zizak

LII measurements of soot particles produced by fluidized bed combustion of wood pellets

E. Barker Hemings, E. Ranzi, K. Smith, H. Bennadji, E.M. Fisher

Kinetic analysis of biochar formation during biomass pyrolysis

P. Giudicianni, G. Cardone, R. Ragucci, A. Cavaliere

Effect of temperature and pressure on steam pyrolysis of cellulose

V. Barbarossa, G. Vanga

Methanation of carbon dioxide

N. Arena, F. Raganati, P. Ammendola, R. Chirone

Carbon dioxide adsorption in a sound-assisted fluidized bed of fine powders

A. Coppola, F. Montagnaro, P. Salatino, F. Scala

The effect of SO2 on fluidized bed calcium looping for CO2 capture

M.E. Russo, G. Olivieri, A. Marzocchella, P. Salatino

Biomimetic CCS process: kinetic assessment of carbonic anhydrase

M.E. Russo, G. Olivieri, A. Marzocchella, P. Salatino, C. Capasso, V. De Luca, M. Rossi

Biomimetic CCS process: performances of a thermostable recombinant carbonic anhydrase

M. Torresi, B. Fortunato, S.M. Camporeale, A. Saponaro

Numerical simulation of a low-NOx burner for coal firing

U. Arena, F. Di Gregorio, M.L. Mastellone, D. Santoro, L. Zaccariello

Bubbling fluidized bed gasification of a poultry farm waste

M. Alfè, L. Lisi, V. Gargiulo

Preparation and testing of CO2-adsorbent carbons from carbon black

O. Senneca, L. Cortese

Assessment of the kinetics of coal combustion under oxy-fuel conditions by means of different experimental techniques

F. Ambrosino, A. Aprovitola, P. Brachi, F.S. Marra, F. Montagnaro, P. Salatino

Char-slag interaction in entrained flow gasifiers: modeling of experimental evidences

T. Maffei, E. Ranzi, A. Frassoldati, T. Faravelli

One step kinetic model of coal pyrolysis for CFD applications

E. Biagini, F. Barontini, C. Galletti, L. Biasci, L. Tognotti

Development and qualification of procedures for the characterization of solid fuels in conventional, cofiring and oxyfuel combustion

C. Galletti, G. Coraggio, L. Tognotti

Validation of oxy-fuel combustion modelling via pilot and semi-industrial furnace tests

A. Basco, F. Cammarota, A. Di Benedetto, V. Di Sarli, E. Salzano, G. Russo

Explosion behaviour of CO/H2/O2/N2/CO2 mixtures

L. Malangone, P. Russo, S. Vaccaro

Effects of wind and terrain slope on flames propagation in a vegetative fuel bed

A. Frassoldati, A. Cuoci, F. Borghetti, P. Gandini, R. Juglair, G. De Bacco, M. Deffeyes, M. Castellan

CFD modeling and experimental activity on real scale tunnel fires

I. Di Somma, R. Marotta, R. Andreozzi, V. Caprio

Kinetic modeling of cumylhydroperoxide thermal decomposition