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C. Russo, F. Stanzione, M. Alfè, A. Tregrossi, A. Ciajolo Molecular structure of soot as inferred by UV-VIS spectral analysis
F. Migliorini, B. Vercelli, D. Giassi, S. De Iuliis, G. Zizak

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for elemental composition analysis of aerosols

G. De Falco, M. Commodo, V. Pagliarulo, A. D’Anna, G.P. Pepe, P. Minutolo

Electrical characterization of carbonaceous particles collected from premixed laminar flames

M. Salamanca, M. Sirignano, M. Commodo, P. Minutolo, A. D’Anna

Addition of ethanol in rich premixed flames of ethylene: the effect of the equivalence ratio

G. De Falco, M. Commodo, L. Sgro, P. Minutolo, A. D’Anna

Flame-generated carbon particles: new insights on particle inception and characterization

E. Santini, M. Ferrari, L. Liggieri, E. Guzmán, F. Ravera, M. Alfè

Interfacial properties of soot particles in disperse system stability

M. Alfè, C. Guido, S. Di Iorio, C. Beatrice, V. Fraioli, M. Lazzaro

An off-line approach for the evaluation of particle size distribution emitted from a modern diesel engine

E. Mancaruso, B.M. Vaglieco

Ethanol and diesel fuel in Euro5 single cylinder research engine

O. Senneca, L. Cortese

Effect of pressure on thermal annealing of carbons

M. Sirignano, A. Del Mastro, S. Grimaldi, A. D’Anna

Experimental determination of coagulation efficiency of combustion generated nanoparticles

S. Di Iorio, P. Sementa, B. M. Vaglieco

Optical characterization of methane combustion in a four stroke engine for two wheel application

D. S. Vezza, T. Vlachos, F. Millo, N. Russo, D. Fino

Particle number, size and mass emissions of different biodiesel blends versus ULSD from a small displacement automotive diesel engine

G. Troiani, M. Marrocco

Imaging of flame fronts by fluorescence of hydroxyl radicals: a fractal approach for the determination of front position

M. Marrocco

Effects of intra-molecular interaction on cars diagnostics of combustion

F. Donato, E. Giacomazzi, D. Cecere, F.R. Picchia, N.M.S. Arcidiacono, B. Favini, C. Bruno

Large Eddy Simulation of particle laden flows

M. Tammaro, F. Di Natale, A. Salluzzo, A. Lancia

Heterogeneous condensation for submicronic particle abatement: experiments and modelling

L. D’Addio, F. Di Natale, C. Carotenuto, A. Lancia

Combustion off-gas cleaning by wet electrostatic scrubbing: preliminary experimental results

M. Gualtieri, M. Camatini, L. Isacco, P. Minutolo, L.A. Sgro, A. D’Anna

Cytotoxic and pro-inflammatory effects of combustion generated ultra-fine organic particles

A. Cuoci, A. Frassoldati, T. Faravelli, E. Ranzi

Numerical modeling of laminar coflow flames with detailed kinetics

G. Cozzolino, M. de Joannon, R. Ragucci, A. Cavaliere

Efficiency evaluation of a condensational scrubber for particulate abatement: preliminary results

M. Derudi, R. Rota

NOx emissions of a mild combustion burner operated with jet fuel surrogates