"Giornate di Studio in Memoria di Leopoldo Massimilla"

XXI Event of the Italian Section of the CombustionInstitute



The next Annual Conference of the Italian Sectionof the Combustion Institute will be held in Ravello(SA) from the 26th to the 29th May 1998. The style of the meeting conformsto the relatively informal nature of these conferences. They are aimedat giving the opportunity for exchange and discussion between scientistsand technologists working in the field of Combustion, in all its fundamentaland applied aspects.

This next meeting will take on a very particularrelevance. The week of the Conference coincides with the fifth anniversaryof the death of Leopoldo Massimilla. On this occasion the Italian Sectionof the Combustion Institute will remember his figure and acknowledge hisinestimable contribution to Chemical Engineering and Combustion Scienceon behalf of the many who have expressed their wish to do so. Accordingly,the 1998 Combustion Meeting will be dedicated as "Working days in memoryof Leopoldo Massimilla". Not pomp and ceremony but dedication and participationto the working days will be the appropriate acknowledgement of the eventand of the person whom we remember.




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 Monday 2519.00 Bus Transfer Naples-Ravello
 Tuesday 268.30 - 9.00Registration
 9.00 - 9.45 Plenary Lecture 
  prof. J. Beer, MIT, USA
 9.45 - 12.45 Technical Sessions
 15.00 - 15.45 Plenary Lecture 
  prof. L.R. Radovic, PennState University, USA
 15.45 - 19.45
 Technical Sessions
 Wednesday 278.30 - 9.15 Plenary Lecture 
  prof. J.H.S. Lee, McGillUniversity, Montreal Canada
 9.15 - 13.30 Technical Sessions
 15.00 - 15.30
 Plenary Lecture 
  prof. P. Menguç,Kentucky University, USA
 15.30 - 20.00 Technical Sessions
 21.00 Piano Concert at Villa Rufolo 
(Tickets for the concert will be givenupon requestsubject to availability)
 Thursday 288.30 - 9.15 Plenary Lecture 
  prof. K.R. Westerterp, TwenteUniversity, The Netherlands
 9.15 - 12.45 Technical Sessions
 12.45 - 14.00 Meeting of the Italian Section members
 21.00 Banquet
 Friday 298.15 Bus Transfer Ravello-Naples
  11.30 Conferring of the Honorary Degree in ChemicalEngineering on prof. Adel Sarofim  
Aula Magna of the School of Engineering, Università"Federico II" di Napoli


Reduced rate for early registration will be provided.The registration formcan be returned both by mail or fax (please send only one copy of the form).

Hotel reservation can be made through MCM Congressiby using the "Hotel reservation form"before March 15. After this date we cannot ensure the availabilityof hotel rooms.


Ravello is a small town of ancient origin perchedon cliffs overlooking the clear blue sea of the Gulf of Salerno.

Located at 350 metres above sea level, it is asolitary and quiet town layed down gently on buttress dividing Dragonevalley from Reginna one, whence one can enjoy an overwhelming landscape.

According to an ancient Amalfi chronicle, Ravellowas founded in the VI century A.D. during the gothic war. The first historicallyreliable news date back to the IX century, when it was annexed by the nearbyAmalfi to which it rebelled in the XI century giving itself to RuggeroNormanno. After becoming part of the Amalfitan dukedom, it followed itsdestiny sharing its prosperity. In 1086 it raised to the rank of diocese.It joined the diocese of Scala in 1603 and that of Amalfi in 1804. WhenPisans first attacked Amalfi (in August 1135) the opposition of the inhabitantsof Ravello allowed Ruggero Normanno to arrive and to defeat the invaders.But two years later Pisans succeded in invading Ravello and the town wasdevastated. The XIII century was the period of its greatest splendour.Witnesses of the wealth and commercial activity of the town are the manycivil and religious buildings exhibiting characteristic Arab-Sicilian stylesintroduced by merchant wealthy families. The delicacy of nice artworksalong its streets and the joyful charm of the gardens are among the majorattractions of the Amalfitan coast and make Ravello one of the most importantresorts in Italy, recently declared "Town of Music".

The beauty of this area inspired poets, paintersand musicians in the course of its millenarian history. It was here thatWagner stayed and was inspired by the magical beauties of Villa Rufolo.Its gardens and the artworks of the Cloisters led the composer to exclaim"the magic garden of Klingsor is found". Long time before him, Boccaccioreported of the monumental town of Ravello in the stories of Decamerondedicated to the "merchant" Landolfo Rufolo as well as in his travels aroundthe world. Ravello with its alleys, stairways and roofed passages clingsto the steep slopes of the Dragon Hill.

The town is located at 23 km from A3 route Napoli-Salerno,with exit at Angri toll-gate and through the Chiunzi pass. It can be alsoreached by national road 163 (Castiglione) from Amalfi. The nearest FSrailway station is in Salerno. The town can be reached by public buseson the Amalfi-Scala-Ravelloline.


Church of SS. Annunziata:

The venue of the meeting will be the Church of SS.Annunziata. The church, recently restored, is actually a group of buildingsincluding a little church with a clock tower and a three-nave oratory.The oldest kernel of the building dates back to 1281. The twin domes ofSS. Annunziata projected against the sea have become a classical landmarkof Ravello.

The church is located at short walking distancefrom Villa Rufolo and from the Cathedral.