Prof. Takeyuki Kamimoto from Tokyo Institute of Technology passed away on Tuesday 28 August 2018.
Prof. Kamimoto was a friend of the Italian community working on soot and on engine combustion in the late nineties. He contributed to the knowledge on the formation of soot in diesel engines both on fundamental levels and developing brilliant diagnostic tools for in-cylinder engine measurements. Are well known to the community his pioneering studies on transparent engines, the multi zone model of diesel engine combustion, his fast-sampling valve for following in-situ on the millisecond time scale the progress of the combustion process. Today these researches appear us as belonging to the archeology of the combustion researches but they opened the way to the modern measurements based on laser diagnostics.

Congratulation to Andrea D'Anna for his election as Fellow of the Combustion Institute !!


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Natta Lecture Award 2015 of Politecnico di Milano
to Prof. Katharina Kohse-Hoeinghaus,
Bielefeld University (Germany)

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Carmela Russo awarded of RicercataMente Prize !!!
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New Board members
Elected five new board members of the Italian Section of The Combustion
Samir Bensaid, Donato Cecere, Mario Commodo, Massimiliano Fantuzzi,
Giovanna Ruoppolo.
Mario commodo is selected as new Secretary of the Section. 
"For an outstanding paper presented at the previous symposium"   

Bernard Lewis Fellowship of The Combustion Institute year 2014 to Carmela Russo and Benedetta Franzelli !!
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"To encourage high quality research in combustion by young scientists and engineers"  

Two Italian papers have been selected as Distinguished Papers from the 34th International Symposium on Combustion

M. Sirignano, A. D'Anna - Coagulation of combustion generated nanoparticles in low and intermediate temperature regimes: An experimental study

Stationary Combustion:
P. Ammendola, R. Chirone,  G. Ruoppolo, F. Scala - The effect of pelletization on the attrition of wood under fluidized bed combustion and gasification conditions

These papers are among the twelve eligible to receive the  Silver Medal award at the 35th Symposium in San Francisco in 2014. 

Board members

Section Chair
Fabrizio Scala

Section Secretary
Mario Commodo

Board members
Donato Cecere
Stefano Cimino
Marco Derudi
Massimiliano Fantuzzi
Lorenzo Morandi
Giovanna Ruoppolo
Nunzio Russo