Due to the worsening of the COVID-19 situation in Italy the organizing committee has decided that the meeting will not be kept in presence anymore on the scheduled dates. The meeting will be either postponed to 2021 or be kept this year in a full virtual form. Further info will be given in the next few weeks

Our member Mara de Joannon, has been one of the newly elected members of the Board of Directors.
Congratulations and good luck to Mara with this new and prestigious assignment!

Congratulations to our colleagues:
Mario Commodo, Patrizia Minutolo, Gianluigi De Falco and Andrea D’Anna for being awarded to the 2020 Silver Combustion Medal, for the outstanding paper “Insights into incipient soot formation by atomic force microscopy” presented at the previous International Symposium on Combustion!

Congratulations to our colleague Alessio Frassoldati for being one of the 2020 Recipients of The Research Excellence Award of The Combustion Institute!


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Board members

Section Chair
Fabrizio Scala

Section Secretary
Mario Commodo

Board members
Donato Cecere
Stefano Cimino
Marco Derudi
Massimiliano Fantuzzi
Lorenzo Morandi
Giovanna Ruoppolo
Nunzio Russo